Our goal at BGS is to achieve excellence in education without compromising the basic skills and values of life. Our Vision for the future remains the same:

  • Learn from the past
  • Integrate with the present
  • To prepare for future


The Bayan Gardens School Boys (BGS) is located in the Al-Khobar region of the Eastern Province of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The school is situated on the grounds of the Sports City Center and has a long-term lease for the property.

Al Khobar is a cosmopolitan commercial and industrial city with oil as the primary industry. Many parents are professionally employed in the medical, business, banking and engineering sectors with a high percent holding a college degree. The majority of the all-male student body is comprised mainly of Saudi Nationals.


The BGS school calendar is set by the Ministry of Education (MOE) and usually begins in September and ends in June. Students attend school 180 days, divided into quarters and 16 week semesters. Classes size is between 15-20 students per class and 40-45 minutes per period and meet 5 days per week from Sunday through Thursday.


Established on 2001, Bayan Gardens School (BGS) -boys section- is a general education/private school curriculum accredited by the Saudi Ministry of Education (MOE). BGS Boys is a blend of an Arabic and English curriculum, with the day organized into 9 or 10 periods per day with seven periods of Arabic and three periods taught in English. BGS Boys follow the general MOE education curriculum.

The Primary School (Grades 4-6) core curriculum consists of Arabic Language, Islamic studies, Arabic Math, Science, Computer Science, Social Studies and Art. Physical Education meets twice per week with classes in soccer and karate. Math and Science labs are also provided. The English program has Language Arts, Math and Science including labs.

The Intermediate School (Grades 7-9) follows a similar core MOE general curriculum in Arabic and English language with Math (General Math, Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Geometry) and Integrated Science with Biology and Physics.


Students are offered after school activities which include, poetry, graphics arts, computer science, soccer and karate. All courses have been approved by MOE. The most popular classes are soccer and karate and Tw Kar do

Field trips are planned throughout the year and have included visits to ARAMCO, a manufacturing plant, Mecca and Medina. A full listing of activities is available for review.

Arabic Grade Report

The Ministry of Education (MOE) requires that all Arabic class grades are recorded in an on-line NOOR system. Parents have access to the grade reports each quarter, which are available in English and Arabic.

Primary (Grades 4-6)

Excellent 95-100%
Advanced 85-95%
Skilled 75-85%
Failed <75%

Intermediate Transcript (Grade 7-9)

Excellent 90-100%
Very Good 80-89%
Good Plus 70-79%
Good 60-69%


The MOE Noor grade report provides a ranking by class for up to 10 students by class.

English Report Card

The English report card is issued quarterly for the Primary Grades and each quarter/semester for the Intermediate Grades. Each student meets at the end of the Quarter to review grades and teacher comments with a trained counselor.

Grading Scale:

A+, A, A- 97-100, 93-96, 90-92%
B+, B, B- 87-89, 83-86, 80-82%
C+, C, C- 77-79, 73-76, 70-72%
67-69, 63-66, 60-62% <75%
F <60%
- Not Applicable

GPA Calculation (4.00):

A+, A, A- 4.00, 4.00, 3.67
B+, B, B- 3.33, 3.00, 2.67
C+, C, C- 2.33, 2.00, 1.67
1.33, 1.00, 0.67 <75%
F 0

Grade Point Average (GPA):

The English report card is issued quarterly for the Primary Grades and each quarter/semester for the Intermediate Grades. Each student meets at the end of the Quarter to review grades and teacher comments with a trained counselor.

Student Survey

Over the last two years, BGS developed a computer based questionnaire designed to elicit responses from our students in the following categories:

  1. Course Evaluation
  2. Teacher Effectiveness
  3. Student Self-Assessment

The results have been tabulated and shared with teachers and students. On average the school and teachers received good marks. The students raised some concerns about the anonymity of their responses. The language term questions for primary school need to be revised.

Parent Survey

BGS has conducted several parent surveys including STEM and Back to School Night. Parents were asked to comment about the forthcoming accreditation process and the Stem Science fair. The results were compiled with the majority of parents supporting our accreditation application.

Teachers Continuous Improvement

During the last several years workshops approved through the Ministry were developed and conducted for all the teaching staff. The programs were usually presented in Arabic and translated as necessary for the English staff.

Our Contacts

35th St, Qurtoba, Al Khobar 34233
Al Khobar, Eastern Province
Phone: (013) 859 7999